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Meeting report “Motopiknik Saab Podkarpacie 2021”

SAAB-Podkarpacie (Bartosz Cukier - Fotografia)

Podkarpackie or Subcarpathian Voivodeship is a fairly large province within Poland. Within this province, as in the rest of Poland, a large number of Saab cars can still be seen on the streets of cities, and also where Saab cars are, there are also Saab fans.

In this part of Poland, there is a very active Saab clubSAAB Podkarpacie” that brings together the owners and followers of our favorite Swedish brand. The club regularly holds meetings and larger gatherings to exchange experiences regarding the daily use of Saab cars, their servicing, and additional upgrades (tuning modifications).

Exactly one such big gathering that the club organizes in the middle of every year happened last weekend. Thanks to the administrator of the club, Mr. Bartek Sobal, we have a report from the scene. Mr. Bartek was sent a report and impressions from the gathering with photos and a video. Mid season Saab Podkarpacie Car gathering was held in Dubiecko, Poland.

As Mr. Bartek states, Every year Club organize 4 events: season start event, season end event and two events at the beginning and end of summer holidays. “Moto picnic Of SAAB PODKARPACIE” is always held at the beginning of July or at the end of June in Poland in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship and it is for members of our club.

This time they met only 30 cars because a lot of people from the club went on vacation (last year there were 60 of them at this event) but they had a great time anyway. Gathered club members had free local homemade beer as a gift for each person, everyone got a starter package from the sponsor and a lottery with club gadgets. The event was a one-day event. It is organized for club integration and relaxation. In the video report above you can see how nice it was at this gathering.