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Maptun Meet 2019: After Movie

Maptun Meet 2019

This is The official ‘After Movie’ for Maptun Meet 2019 and you can see below. According to the organizers – Maptun Performance, it was  a great day for them and all the Saab enthusiasts who visited this Saab event. The annual MapTun Meet this year It was held in on May 30th at their premises at Verkstadsgatan 2 in Örebro. That day, Their workshop reception was working all day to offer a 20% discount on all workshop bookings and they will also offerd up to 20% discount on the entire range.

See below for a review of the great number of great Saab cars that gathered at this meeting:

Maptun sends a big greeting to everyone who visited Maptun Meet at the end of May and made it the great gathering that it is! They will post results, stories, photos and videos in the upcoming days. or now, we have this beautiful video and big gallery with 117 photos:

Geplaatst door MapTun Performance AB op Maandag 3 juni 2019