Maptun Classic Parts – A new product range offered for Classic Saabs

Maptun Spare Parts

Maptun parts, that is famous for tuning Saab cars and sell spare parts and accessories for SAAB, are now launching a new product range on called Maptun Classic Parts.

Why today, you might wonder? In Sweden May 29th is called “veterandagen” which is a tribute to old veterans world wide. Veterans Day (Swedish: Veterandagen) is observed annually in Sweden on May 29 at the Maritime Museum in Stockholm in honor of people who are or have been serving with the Swedish Armed Forces in international military operations, as well as commemorating those who died during their service.

Classic Saab cars

The word veteran in Sweden means both military veteran AND vintage/classic and therefore they are launching this today. Even if the appearance returns to the ordinary soon, the great news will remain in the future; namely that Maptun launched a wide range of spare parts and accessories for older Saab models. They want to safeguard classic Saab’s in Sweden and around the world and try to contribute to these being able to continue rolling on the roads for many years to come. You will find the assortment as usual by clicking on the respective car model where the older Saab models are now included.

Old Saab parts

Head over to and check out the classic look that the website has got for specially for this launch.