Luxury Leather SAAB Inspired Keyrings and Accessories

Saab Design Inspired natural leather keyrings

UK based company Suffolk SAAB Limited presents a new range of SAAB inspired leather keyrings and other interesting Saab Accessories. The initial launch is for 25 designs with a further 25 plus designs releasing in the next month.

The keyrings are hand made in the UK exclusively for company Suffolk SAAB. They are hand made and finished in the UK using only the finest luxury English leather.

Saab Leather Keyrings

Saab inspired leather keyrings

They are also able to offer custom designs featuring Saab fans, and they are currently collaborating with other SAAB specialists to develop new products. As well as offering SAAB inspired designs they are also looking into other automotive brands and motorbikes, both recent and classic.

Leather SAAB Inspired Keyrings
Leather SAAB Inspired Keyrings

Here are attached some photographs of theris products which will give you an idea of the designs and their quality.

In the field of Saab accessories they are also working on some lovely mobile phone case finished in Bamboo wood with a laser engraved SAAB design.

Saab mobile phone Case
Saab mobile phone Case

This particular case is for the iPhone 6/6. Really, outstanding natural materials and beautiful design, excellent choice as a gift for the upcoming holidays.

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