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Low-Mileage Saab 900 Is Estimated To Be Worth A Quarter Of A Million

Saab 900 Aero Turbo T16

After a historically record auction, when the 42-year-old Saab 96 reached the price of half a million Swedish kronor, or almost 60 thousand dollars, we have a potential record holder – Saab 900 Aero, whose price starts from a quarter of a million Swedish kronor. A 35-year-old Saab 900 Aero T16 that has not even turned 30,000 km on the clock is estimated to be worth up to SEK 250,000.

The March auction to be held at Bilweb Auctions includes not only a Volvo 240 with one owner since 1976 but also a interesting Saab 900 Aero T16 from 1987 with only 2,901 scandinavian miles on the clock, i.e. less than 30,000 kilometers.

The mileage is not as incomprehensibly short as on the Saab 96 that was sold earlier this year – it had only seven kilometers on the clock. But 29,010 km is still an extremely low mileage for a 35-year-old car and means an annual mileage of only 820 km. The car is described as tidy and should have been parked in the garage. The current owner bought the car new. It has mostly been run in the summer and in addition to the stereo system and three extra gauges, the interior must be in original condition. Also, A lot of documentation is included.

It is simply surprising that such a good car appears in such good condition. From time to time, such good cars appear at auctiona, which confirms the assumption and expectation that there are many more such hidden “pearls” in garages around the world – which will delight sincere (and wealthy, because these cars are not cheap) Saab fans.

What the final price will be remains to be seen, but in the ad the car states to be worth up to SEK 250,000. And currently, the offered price has stood at 261,000 SEK ($26,767).

The engine compartment gives the impression of a slightly driven engine
The engine compartment gives the impression of a slightly driven engine

Here is some more important information from the auction ad: “The car has been owned by one and the same user since new. It was bought in 1987 and is mostly run in the summer. This particular Saab is equipped with, among other things, an electric sunroof with wind protection, electric window lifts, electric mirrors, dimmable rear-view mirror and electric antenna. It has also been equipped with the previously mentioned instruments for external temp, oil pressure and oil temp. The car has also been equipped with a Pioneer cassette radio and Alpine speakers have been mounted in the hat shelf. Original stereo with console included. In addition to this, it can be mentioned that it is equipped with a 5-speed gearbox, original rims, plush upholstery and the car is catalyst free. Everything works. It smells like a new car, looks new and is in an incredibly fine condition…

The auction ends on March 10, so it will be interesting to see how high the figure offered by interested Saab 900 fans will go.

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