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Low-flying Saab 9-5

Low flying Saab 9-5Low flying Saab 9-5

Racer, tuner or ricer? one driver from the US city of Dover has recorded this interesting on-board video (camera, front and rear). Аt a light, this “Low-flying” SAAB 9-5 pulls up awfully close to his car?!

As evidenced by the driver himself – Light goes green, they stop at the next light, that light goes green and he got on it because driver thought he’d be nice and give the SAAB some room to merge behind him. But, Saba driver drives right up on his back at which time he slowed to the speed limit.

This driver rightly wonder – why is Saab driver did this?

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  • Though I find it funny that my video has generated quite a few views from being embedded here, it would have been kind of you to reach out and ask me if I mind first. Since there is no harm done, I just wanted to say Thank You, here and on FaceBook.

    And for the comment on FaceBook, It is a 2014 Nissan 370Z. Thank you for the kind comment.

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