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Lithuanian driver survived a tremendous crash when the Saab hit the tree

Saab crash

18-year-old from Lithuania had the great good fortune to have been in Saab.

A young man, who only a month ago received a driver’s license, was tremendously hit the tree. Hit it right on the driver’s side.

Lithuanian Saab Crash Lithuanian Saab Crash

Fortunately, after the accident, the driver was in a conscious state, but firefighters had to pull out of the vehicle. Saab’s driver was immediately taken to the hospital, and the doctors say it’s in stable condition. High speed and inexperience appear to have caused tragic crash.

Saab after crash
Saab interior after crash

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  • I cannot believe he survived that. That is textbook pole crash testing zone. No doubt Saab’s knowledge and design around the “kidney buster” combined with the side airbags made the difference.

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