Lifetime Warranty on original parts to save Saab cars on the road!

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Orio AB is now investing more than ever in Saab cars on the road, and is today launching theParts for Life” initiative, supporting the work with the protection of endangered species and offering a lifetime warranty on Original parts for owners who repair or service their Saab at an authorised Service Centre!

By doing this Orio secure that Saab cars keep their position as highly reliable iconic cars on the roads.

The closing of Saab Automobile in 2011 means that the generation of cars that are on our roads today will be the last. This also means that these cars have become iconic among Saab enthusiasts.

An important part of keeping Saab cars alive is using the proper Original parts. This is why Orio, the exclusive supplier of Saab Original parts, has launched a special initiative called “Parts for Life”, offering a lifetime warranty on Original parts, to help preserve the remaining Saab cars on our roads.

“Saab has a long and important legacy as a car brand to keep; we don’t want them to disappear from the roads for the wrong reason. That is why we’ve created the campaign ”Parts for Life”, where we offer a personal lifetime warranty on Original parts to car owners who repair their Saab at an authorised Saab Service Centre”, says Jonas Tegström, CEO Orio AB.

When a Saab car has been repaired with Original parts, the owner simply activates the lifetime warranty at The aim of the campaign is to show the status of Saab as an iconic car brand around the world, whilst also creating an opportunity to educate and encourage the usage of genuine Original spare parts that keep the car running like it did when it was built.

Saab Parts for life

The protection of endangered species – cooperation with Nordens Ark

Saab Parts
Saab Parts

The declining amount of Saab cars over the past few years have made enthusiasts look at the car as something that could be endangered in the future, a threat it shares with many animal species around the world.

That is why Orio will be working with Nordens Ark to make a yearly contribution as part of the “Parts for Life” initiative.

Nordens Ark is an organisation with its roots in Sweden but works with the protection of endangered species all over the world, which has a perfect relationship with Saab cars.

“With the “Parts for Life” initiative and our work together with Nordens Ark, we want to educate about the importance of conservation, preservation, and diversity; not only of cars but also of all things we share on this planet”, says Jonas Tegström, CEO Orio AB.

“We are very excited to work with Orio and “Parts for Life”. It is a great initiative and we will now work together to ensure endangered species have a future”, says Matts Hoggren CEO Nordens Ark.

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  • This is awesome! I work at a Saab osc. Original parts are always best for these and more support from Orio makes it possible to keep some more of these quirky cars on the road longer.

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