Lifeline for Saab

Lifeline for Saab

But when they counted the hours to the Swedish Trade Union of Metal Workers seek bankruptcy of Saab because there is no money in the treasury to pay the salaries of workers , came new hope – and orders for 580 cars from China.

After the parts manufacturers refused once again to delay the collection of receivables from traditional Swedish carmaker Saab, in that the company has become critical : there was no money for salaries of around 3,700 employees in the plant in Trollhattan, the Swedish government has clearly stated that there is no intention to help Saab.

President of the Administration of the owner of this company Saab, Swedish Automobile (formerly Spyker ) , Victor Muller for the days traveling around the world trying to find someone to help Saab.


But when the experts evaluated as “no chance ” that Saab is once again out of this yesterday came news that a Chinese company engaged in ” wholesale trade cars ” ordered ” more than 580 ” of the Swedish vehicle manufacturer. Price from € 13 million will be paid for this week – at the last minute . Because the Swedish Metal Workers’ union announced that it would wait until later this week – and then seek bankruptcy proceedings against Saab.

The Saab on Monday declined to state the details, which is a Chinese company decided to order automobile manufacturers could easily disappear from the business of life , but it is known which is to Muller went to China . The more likely it is a veletrgovačkoj company Pang Da , which was already announced before his thoughts , together with Chinese automaker Youngman Lotus Zheijang , take part in Saab worth about $ 245 million.

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