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Ask Lewis Hamilton to Push-Start Your Saab

Imagine the scene – you drive your favorite classic Saab 900 through a beautiful forest landscape, with a senic view, and your Saab stops at one point.

At that moment, you need the “little help of a friend” … and a few seconds later, out of nowhere, F1 champion Lewis Hamilton appears with his new Mercedes S-Class and kindly stops to help you.

Interestingly, this scene has some symbolism, on several different levels…

And you just need someone to push your Saab. And the magic happens, a record-equalling 7-time Formula 1 world champion will kindly help you and push(-start) your Saab. Thanks to Hamilton and thanks to Mercedes!

This new Mercedes advertising campaign is called “Cares for what matters” (Cares for others), and stars Lewis Hamilton, Alicia Keys and Roger Federer. Their new video shows what “Cares for what matters” really means to their testimonials. According to the statements behind Mercedes, the entire campaign is focused on the message: “In the end it’s all about being there for your loved ones and taking care of what really matters.

We must remember an interesting event from the beginning of the career of this successful F1 driver, when Hamilton also had to push his car. However, apart from his title-winning moment at Mclaren, another interesting image of Lewis’ time over there, springs to mind. An image involving Lewis pushing his car back to the paddock.

Lewis Hamilton pushes his McLaren MP4-25 to the paddock on account of low fuel
Lewis Hamilton pushes his McLaren MP4-25 to the paddock on account of low fuel