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Leather Care – Simple, if you know how

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Even with the vast array of technical skills at his command, man has never been able to come up with a material for car seats that provides the look, feel and aroma of leather. But leather, unlike the man-made substitutes, requires some special know-how to keep it in top shape.

The finish on high-quality leather upholstery will go a long way to protect its natural beauty with no assistance from the owner. After a while it will naturally assume a handsome patina. But it will also just as naturally take on dirt which collects in valleys of the grain.

Saab Turbo Exclusive Appointments Group
Saab Turbo Exclusive Appointments Group

How not to damage leather seats?

Probably the most important thing to know about getting rid of the dirt is what not to do. Strange as It may seem, never use saddle soap. And don’t use shoe polish, solvents or aerosol sprays.

How to Care for Leather Saab Seats!

The recommended way to clean leather upholstery is with a soft cloth dampened in luke warm water and a little mild hand soap. Rub the surface with a light circular motion, then repeat with clear water. Do not soak the leather. When it dries polish with a soft cloth.

Follow these simple steps and your leather upholstery will give you a lifetime of service. Just as it did the original owner. Leather upholstery from the Bridge of Weir in Scotland was available on the Saab Turbo as part of the Exclusive Appointments Group.

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