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“La Saab Logique” – Vintage SAAB promo film

1964 Saab cars vintage movie

This fantastic vintage promotional film for Saab cars in French was discovered by a Frenchman. According to him, his grandfather was the owner of the Saab car dealer center in the France during the 1960s and 70s.

He found this film in the archives of his grandfather and published it on youtube. The film is named “La Saab Logique”  and was filmed in the production of a Swedish studio Centralfilm AB. Interesting, this production studio still exists, and the film was filmed in distant 1964.

As the title itself says, in this promotional film, the screenwriter is trying to explain the logic Saab cars, shows the technical solutions and advantages of these solutions (for example, why is better front-drive), explains the technological processes in the production of these cars, as well as the advantages of the Saab cars in relation to the then competition.

Watch the movie, click CC and choose automatic translation – unless you know the French language:

Once again, thanks to the one who upload this interesting Saab movie. This is another witness of the one development epoch of Saab cars.