My Saab

L.A. grandma with a unique passion for Saab cars

Saab life video series

Here’s another great Saab story from a series of video clips about Saab fans around the world. This is The Third episode from Life Stories – Parts for Life by Orio AB.

In episode #3 called “Embrace your passions” we meet with Dayna. Dayna is not your typical L.A. grandma – she is an artist with a unique passion for Saab cars.

When you think about the Los Angeles lifestyle, horses and Saab cars might not be the first thing that pops in your head, right? Well, meet Dayna, an LA-based Saab enthusiast with an amazing life story. She considers herself to be a very passionate person who spends her time what she loves most in life. Sometimes, you see beauty only when it’s gone. That’s how Saab really became a part of Dayna’a life.

What do you think about her tattoos?

Some of the great Saab adventures, memories, and stories captured during the parts for life campaign, will end up right here in this fantastic video series.