Knitted Caps for SAAB Pilots

Caps for Saabers

Her name is Victoria Schitt, and she lives and works in Paris, and she is very skilled with the knitting technique. Since 2017 she has been knitting caps for aviators and pilots.

According to Victoria, she has been engaged in this creative activity since 2017, but as far as we can see from her published works, it seems that she has been doing it for much, much longer. Her creations are exceptional, and she is very imaginative.

She knits all Caps according to her own instructions and according to your size. That’s right, it will make a hat just the size of your head, and it’s exceptional. Just look at this Saab pilot cap.

Cap for Saab Pilots
Cap for Saab Pilots

It can be worn on any occasion, but somehow we best imagine it as a garment that best fits a Saab convertible car. Imagine, with a Saab convertible and this blue Saab cap, you can’t go unnoticed. For the time of year, autumn-spring, but if it is a warm winter, you can wear it for six months without removing it. Inside there is a fleece lining that makes the cap windproof. The weather is creating something incomprehensible, especially this year.

Saab cap

HOW TO MAKE AN ORDER? You just need to choose the color of the yarn and send your size. The order will be ready in 7 days and sent by mail to anywhere in the world, And you can order the caps via her Instagram profile Caps that fit to order, Victoria never try on other people, even for photos. Her clients send her photos whenever possible, but it takes time.

Specifically, this hat was made by Victoria to order for a Saab fan in the spring of 2018. But since the task was required, he remembers all the details, from choosing the right knitting materials to the difficulty of making the ideal SAAB sign from wool.

Creating Saab's old wool sign was a big challenge for the creator
Creating Saab’s old wool sign was a big challenge for the creator

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