Joke: SAAB, Wife, Husband and Policeman

Husband comes to the police and reported the disappearance of his wife.

Husband : I submit the disappearance of my wife. She went shopping and had not yet returned .
Policeman: OK, height?
Husband : I do not know , I never measured.
Policeman : Skinny or a little stronger?
Husband : I could say skinny, but it could be a little stronger
Policeman : Eye color?
Husband: I do not know to tell you the truth, I’ve never looked at carefully.
Policeman : Hair color ?
Husband : I do not know , would typically has changed with the seasons .
Policeman : What is she wearing?
Husband . I’m not sure, maybe skirt or jeans .
Policeman : Your wife driving the car? Is your wife went shopping with a car?
Husband : Yes !
Policeman : What color was the car?
Husband : Black 2002 SAAB 9-5 Arc, 4 doors sedan, V6 3 L Turbo 250 hp. 5-speed electronic controlled automatic transmission with SPORT and WINTER modes. Black leather interior is very clean and comfortable with ventilated and heated electrically operated seats with 3 memory seat/mirror settings. Trim is very nice, and folding rear seats create large cargo space. This luxury car is extremely versatile, well-built with plenty of room for passengers. It’s especially responsive, offering a stable ride a highway speeds and excellent handling with safety features include airbags and ABS brakes, fog lights, A/C. Always garaged, nonsmoking one owner with gentle care, the most highway mileage. No rust on the body. Has SAAB Audio System radio/CD/cassette 150W and 6 speakers. SAAB Manual included. All service records and regular maintenance done in dealer service…

Policeman : Do not worry sir. We’ll find your car!

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