Jaymie’s Daily driver Saab 9-3 gets a “Aero” Facelift

Saab Aero facelift

Trevor Jameson is a CEO of very popular YouTube channel MotionAutoTv, where you can often see Saab cars.

This Youtube channel now has over 200,000 subscribers, and He will continue to build the MotionAutoTv brand as an entertaining automotive content outlet for brands and companies to help promote and sell their products through product placement in videos.

On this channel you can find great bargains of DIY video clips dedicated to Saab cars.

In one of the last videos, you can see an interesting story about the Saab 9-3 Aero Facelift (Aero bumper) – Saab belongs to Trevor‘s girlfriend Jaymie, Headlight restoration and He also tried resetting some Saab Error codes and reprogramming the Headlight modules on car with a “Made in China” GM Tech II clone to no avail:

Due to the large number of quality video clips we recommend to all owners of Sab cars to subscribe to this interesting channel.