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Jamie’s Saab 900

Saab 900

Jamie Anderson from Skokie, IL, United States, brings us another great Saab story about the restoration of his Saab 900. Regarding the restoration, he did not work alone but the whole team worked on this remarkable car project. As you can see in the pictures, true, the car is old, The tunnels are shot, The bottom needs work, The engine needs to be pulled…

Everything had to be done on this old car, but owner is proud to show some photos of a restoration of a 900. Specifically, a 1992 900 3dr/ 933m, 16T, Black, 2.0 5speed. No, not an SPG folks. Nor was he interested in installing fake Tupperware on a pure 900. It’s the real deal.

Restored Saab engine

It was in pretty good shape before. (near perfect) The team pulled the engine, replaced all the mounts, anything plastic, screws, belts, hoses and clamps. Then, they replaced the exhaust, shields, and repainted all the parts and did a major rust abatement on the tunnels and the bay itself. This included all the steering rack, interior dash and whole lot else. They redid the bottom, back axle and all the brake parts. Yes, there is some to go, the gas straps and some rust abatement on the rear. His leather and dash are set.

And for once a 900 has working heat, seat heaters, AC and all dash lights. It may end the universe in a horrible void. Sorry if that happens.

Saab 900

Jamie would love to say He did this all myself. He did not. For all the work and support he thanks to Petersen Automotive in Skokie, Illinois. To Tyler, to Brian for all of the special details and attention to detail that is rare and unexpected in our community. And for having the vision of a 900 20 years in the future.

Special shout out to the broader community of 900 owners for inspiration, for purity and for support (emotionally) to do the difficult and necessary. To Scott Whinna, to Peter Carson and to Lasse Wigren and not the least to Ian Cudny for pulling him out of his shell and having him participate in the greater SAAB group.  And one more 900 set for 20 years…