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It’s time to sell: Classic Saab 900 Convertible

The Fast Lane Car Saab 900 convertible for Sale

Tommy and Roman, duos from team “The Fast Lane Car“,  purchased this classic Saab 900 Convertible to be featured on the TFLClassics channel. In the meantime, Tommy invested thousands to get it running properly and the Swedish roller has had its share of updates.

A few months ago, they bought a Saab 900 Turbo convertible from 1991, and as they say – it was a lot of fun to fix this car and now it’s time to sell the car. Since they are not true fans of the Saab brand, they see this car as a very cool, wacky and innovative – Saab that is adored by many enthusiasts.

They were amazed by the fact that Between 1979 and 1994, worldwide sales of the 900 model reached about 900,000 units. Although there were almost a million of them, then and especially now they are very rare on the streets. About a quarter were with turbo-engines, and only a small part was in the convertible version. Historically, the company’s decision to build the convertible came from U.S. Saab-Scania President Robert J. Sinclair. He thought there was great potential for selling a spacious convertible in the US – and as time has shown – he was right.

The 900 series was very popular and sold well, and later, as time went on, the 900 series gained cult status, both in the United States and around the world. Before the sale, the guys made a lot of improvements to the car and repairs that were urgent, such as replacing the battery, replacing the steering rack, the engine was re-sealed properly, and inevitably – new tires were installed.

Of course, not everything is ideal, as every car and Saab 900 has its weaknesses, and part of the problems that the duo did not solve before the sale, such as air conditioning or stereo system that is not good, and here and there there are a few more little things that need to fix. Still, this is a pretty rare ride, which runs extremely well.

After introducing it in a few videos, they put it back in excellent driving condition and (they all did) enjoy cruising in it. And since they are planning a new expensive project to restore the classic Mini Cooper – they need money and that is why they are selling this Saab. Tommy needs capital to start his new project.

Their asking price is $ 4,900 or the best deal. If you are interested; please send an email to

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