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It Must be Norway’s Finest Saab

My vehicle: Wenche Onsrud with Saab 900 Cabriolet

It’s always nice to hear a nice Saab story, no matter where it comes from. This Saab story takes place in Norway, and the story is reported by local media Unfortunately, like most online content in Scandinavian media, this one is behind a paywall, so it cannot be viewed without a subscription. But, we are bringing you the most interesting parts of this Saab story here.

It’s always nice to read about you, real Saab lovers like the Norwegian Onsrud family. But the focus of this text is Mrs. Wenche Onsrud and her passion for Saab cars. Still, This whole family takes care of Saab’s “most airy creature” (Saab 900 Convertible) from the most glorious time when Saab car sales were on the rise.

Here is what Ms. Wenche Onsrud thinks about Saab cars in response to a question from local journalists:

What do you think when you look at the Swede?
– The Saab awakens a lot of care in me. It has been a pleasant part of the family since our two sons were little children.

What makes the Saab bind the family together?
– Yes, the season starts when we take it out on the first of May from heated winter storage. We have had a lot of fun on the way to our places in Hallingdal and the long way from Glomma to Flisa. Little is nicer than driving an open Saab in the sunshine.

What is special about this Saab 900 Convertible?
– I think it must be Norway’s finest Saab. It may sound a little self-confident, but the family can’t help but know that we are terribly proud of it. The combination of Saab’s typical gorgeous lines, white bodywork, light brown leather seats and original Aero rims is almost unbeatable.

Who can borrow the Saab?
– Well, all four family members, including two adult sons, fought to use it. You have to compete a little when you are good friends.

Do you have a joint Saab family calendar?
– But my husband and I always leave Saab to the younger generations. We are very happy that our sons want to use it.

What do you know about the Saab convertible’s past?
– A Saab dealer in the brand’s hometown of Trollhättan first sold it to a professional golf coach, who gave up the car when he received a job offer abroad. Thus, an opportunity arose for us to take it over and buy it. And it doesn’t matter to me that the golf coach had him at the start, ha-ha.

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