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Is this the most expensive Saab 95?

Saab 95 hot rod for Sale

This is not just another “ordinary” Saab 95 Wagon. This Saab is a one of a kind custom built hot rod – 1971 Saab 95 Custom Built… and this car is for sale via Craiglist!

Saab 95 in good condition is very rare, and often very costly, but this Saab 95 has surpassed all. Usually a very nice vintage Saab 95/96/97 or Sonett will do well to be in the $20,000 to $25,000 range. Car dealer for this car requires 60,000 dollars!

Saab 95 Chevy engine
Saab 95 Chevy 502 V8 engine

More money than common sense. However… collectors ARE a passionate bunch and passion, like love, is blind.

This Hot rod runs and drives very well and immaculately maintained in a exquisite private collection. This is one unique hotrod, Custom built throughout, finished in stunning brilliant black exterior, with Black leather interior and built 502 Chevy V8 (8,2l) engine with performance cam…

Please call Brighton Motorsports (Scottsdale, Phoenix, USA) @ 480-483-4682 with any questions.

Custom Made Saab 95 Hot rod
Custom Made Saab 95 Hot rod

Custom Made Saab 95 Hot rod

Custom Made Saab 95 Hot rod
Custom Made Saab 95 Hot rod

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