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INTSAAB2020 – Saab International Meeting


Although preparations for this year’s international Saab Meeting are ongoing, we have the opportunity to announce a big meeting that will be held next year INTSAAB2020. For anyone planning attending a Saab International Below you can find details of the 2020 IntSaab and the dates of the event is: 7-9 August 2020

Saab Club Denmark, SaabAsyl and Saab-Klubben would like to invite you to the international Saab club meeting in 2020. IntSAAB2020 will take place from August 7-9 at Vingsted Hotel and Conference Centre, which is situated near Vejle and Billund in the southern part of Jutland.

Intsaab2020 map

The “Vingsted Center” has an illustrious history dating back to the early 1900s. The centre itself opened its doors in 1936 for national sporting events – primarily rifle shooting, gymnastics andathletics.

After World War II it was turned into a refugeecamp.

Over time, the facilities became worn down, so a team of volunteers started to rebuild it in 1958.Since then it has grown to be one of Denmark’s most modern facilities for large-scale events.

IntSaab2020 Meeting

Today, the Vingsted Center is able to hosts events with up to 1,500 participants, and has accommodation for 600 people.

Very close to the centre are two modern campingsites, which also offer chalet rentals, and for people coming from further afeld Billund airport is only 20 km away. The centre is set in beautiful natural surroundings:Vejle fiord and tourist attractions such as LEGO-LAND and Givskud Zoo are within easy reach.

The event organizers are the clubs:

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  • Are you still proceeding. A lot of large gatherings are being cancelled because of COVID 19.
    If going ahead any news on the pre tours.
    We need to plan well ahead.
    We are registered for Intsaab but would like some pre tour details soon . I have also registered my interest in the pre tour.

    Thank you

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