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IntSaab 2019 Pre-Tours

Intsaab 2019

The Pre-Tours of IntSaab2019 are a week-long tour that will go through The Netherlands before joining IntSaab2019 in Weerselo, The Netherlands.The registration for the Northern Pre-Tour is now OPEN!

The preliminary program is as follows: The tour will start on Monday evening at the campsite in Termunterzijl, right at the shore of the river Ems. This will be campsite for Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday, participants will get a guided tour through the water treatment plant in Glimmen.

After this, participants of Pre-Tours will be organizing a tour through the province of Groningen, back to the campsite. On Wednesday, Saabers will be organizing a nice tour to the second campsite, where they will meet the Southern Pre-Tour and continue as one big group. On Thursday, they will be organizing a roadtrip and visit a brewery. Along the week, Saab owners will suggest optional activities for the participants to see and do.

Cost for the Pre-Tour is €40,- per person. (campsite in Termunterzijl is included in the price).

There is a limited number of entries available for the Pre-Tour, and the space on the second campsite reserved for participants  will be released to other campers in April. Entering early is strongly recommended!

Want to participate? Please send an email to [email protected] with the following information: your name (and/or surname), car (with a picture maybe? ) and country.

After registering, an email will follow with information about the campsites, payment and all other info you may need.

Also,do not forget, Intsaab2019 will take place from Friday 09 August to Sunday 11 August 2019. The location of the event is “De Methoeve” in Weerselo, about 20 minutes from Enschede. On this website, you will find all information about the event.

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