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Inside the SAAB Sanctuary: Explore Brooklyn’s Iconic Car Collection with Passionate Collector Mark

Tom Gorelik is an American photo and video creative who captures the essence of automobiles, their owners, and the subcultures surrounding them. His recent video, “Saab Sanctuary in Brooklyn NY,” delves into the SAAB car subculture in America, specifically in the bustling streets of Brooklyn.

In this exclusive interview, Tom introduces us to Mark, an avid collector of SAAB cars based in Brooklyn. Mark’s passion for these iconic Swedish automobiles is evident in the stunning array of cars he has collected over the years, ranging from vintage classics to modern gems. As we explore Mark’s garage, we are treated to an in-depth look at each vehicle, including their unique features, design, and engineering excellence.

Mark’s love for SAABs extends beyond just collecting them. He shares captivating stories behind each car’s acquisition and restoration, highlighting the joys of owning and driving these beloved automobiles. As a SAAB enthusiast, Mark also provides invaluable tips and tricks for fellow enthusiasts, from maintenance and repairs to sourcing rare parts.

What sets Mark’s collection apart from others is the rare models, limited editions, and customized wonders that make his collection truly one-of-a-kind. His expertise in SAAB cars is unmatched, and his passion for preserving the brand’s legacy shines through in every vehicle he owns.

Throughout the interview, Tom and Mark take us on a virtual tour of his Brooklyn-based SAAB garage-museum, showcasing the meticulous care and attention to detail that goes into preserving these automotive icons. Whether you are a die-hard SAAB fan or simply appreciate classic automobiles, this interview promises to ignite your curiosity and leave you yearning for a spin in one of these masterpieces.

Tom’s video is not just a tribute to SAAB cars, but also to the passionate collectors like Mark who breathe life into their legacy and keep the spirit of these iconic cars alive. By sharing their stories, Tom hopes to inspire others to appreciate and preserve the unique beauty and engineering excellence of these automotive gems.

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You can see the continuation of this great video here.

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