Innovative technology inside Saab 9-5 NG

The innovative technology applied by Saab in Saab 9-5 NG is evident before even stepping inside.

With the key fob in your pocket or handbag, Saab’s keyless entry system is simple: open the door using the handle and the car will automatically unlock.


Once inside, the cabin of the new 9-5 mirrors the premium style of the exterior. Spacious and comfortable, clean simple forms echo the flowing lines of the body shape while the driver-focused cockpit is unmistakably Saab.

The engine is ignited using the engine start/stop button, which, in true Saab tradition, is located between the front seats in the centre stack that sweeps up around the driver. The main instrument panel features deeply recessed main dials illuminated predominantly in signature Saab green, including a central speedometer that has been influenced by an altimeter-style display, another reference to Saab’s aviation heritage, and first seen on the Aero X concept car.

The centre stack has been designed to accommodate an eight-inch touchscreen navigation display, infotainment and climate controls. Small channels in the faceplate link the main functions, which resemble the shape of Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, a subtle reference to the combination of human design and scientific precision. It is all part of logical, zonal groupings for the car’s interior, chassis and lighting controls.


Consistent comfort

For all occupants, the cabin of the new 9-5 is comfortable, with consistency and harmony inspired by Scandinavian design – rounded lines and contours directly reflect the clean lines of the exterior. Drivers can choose from a range of ‘room’ colours – jet black, parchment, dark cocoa and shark grey – and subtle decor trims, according to Linear, Vector or Aero specification. Supportive seating builds on another Saab strength. Upholstery choices include a soft-touch semi-anillin leather (Premium Natural Leather Sport) and the front seats can be heated, ventilated or equipped with extending support cushions.


A new feature for Saab is saddle-shaped arm rests in the doors and centre console. Adding to the luxurious, upmarket feel is the use of ambient lighting and modern, naturallooking materials. A smart versatility feature for the trunk is the U-rail Cargo Track – a U-shaped track in the floor designed to carry an adaptable, telescopic cargo divider. This flexible storage solution can help keep a wide range of different-sized items in place during driving.

For optimum travelling comfort, the 9-5 offers a choice between air conditioning systems. The two-zone system allows independent temperature control of two zones in the car – the driver is one zone, the passenger and rear seats are the second zone. The Tri-zone system offers independent control of a third zone, with driver, passenger and rear seats all being controlled separately.


Driving assistance

Saab’s continuous commitment to driving safety is evident in the 9-5 NG with a new lane departure warning and traffic sign recognition function2.

A camera located in the front of the interior mirror points through the windshield at the road ahead and monitors the vehicle’s lane position. At speeds exceeding 60 km/h, if the driver forgets to engage the indicator before crossing a lane marking, an alarm will sound.

The same camera is also programmed to recognise ‘speed limit’ and ‘no overtaking’ signs, the appropriate symbol being shown as a reminder in the main driver display.

Another smart feature enables the driver to parallel park the 9-5 in tight spaces only one metre longer than its own length. The Saab Advanced Park Assist function uses ultrasonic sensors in the front, rear and side of the vehicle. It detects a suitable parking spot, the SaabAPA software then plots a perfect reverse parking trajectory and the driver is guided via visual and audible instructions.


Sophisticated technology

The Saab 9-5’s sleek looks provide a platform for a range of sophisticated driving and comfort features. These range from dynamic parking assistance and hard-disk onboard music storage to advanced all-wheel-drive and an aircraft-style, Pilot head-up information display.


Fighter-jet inspired

Inspired by fighter-jet technology, and illuminated in signature Saab green, the Pilot head-up display system is a safety-enhancing system that can help keep the driver’s eyes on the road.

The system projects essential data – such as vehicle speed, warning messages, turn signals and navigation instructions – on to the windshield within the driver’s normal field of vision as a virtual image.

Packaged in the upper part of the instrument panel in front of the driver, the Pilot head-up display system is controlled with buttons on the side of the steering wheel that also allow driver position adjustment.


24/7 visibility

The Saab 9-5 features one of the most sophisticated lighting systems on the market. Adapting to speed, weather and road conditions, the Bi-Xenon Smart Beam swivels to illuminate bends and automatically optimise light beam patterns depending on the type of driving.

The lights not only make night-time driving safer, but also maximise forward vision at all times. Enabling excellent light performance, the headlamps include High Beam Assist, which engages and disengages high beam automatically, relieving the driver of a repetitive chore.


Advanced, progressive, and fun

This Saab 9-5 takes progressive design and advanced driving technology to another level. Head-turning good looks and a clean, impressive and assertive stance reflect the strength of Saab’s Scandinavian design roots and the power of its aircraft heritage. Its driving appeal is sharpened by cutting-edge technologies that deliver fun behind the wheel, as well as responsible performance. The new 9-5 challenges convention from every angle.