Innovative Saab 9-5ng Remote Start Kit

Saab NG95 Remote Start Kit

Entering 2022, exactly one decade has passed since Trollhattan no longer has Scandinavian innovations spreading around the world in the form of Saab cars. The last issue in the form of the Saab 9-5ng car remained unfinished, in some moments unfinished and unpolished product, which lacked a few more years of development and improvement to be one of the top cars on the market.

However, thanks to Saab owners and innovators around the world, this car is being perfected thanks to crowdsourced enthusiasm. Just one of the examples of subsequent improvement is the upgrade for the famous problem of the rear LED bar and stop light. Thanks to people like innovator Brennyn Cutler, the owner of the Saab 9-5ng and a great Saab enthusiast, an upgrade kit has appeared on the market that will delight many owners of the Saab 9-5ng model.

His name is Brennyn Cutler, he is a huge Saab enthusiast based in Idaho, United States. He has multiple Saabs, and the one he drive most is his 2010 Saab 9-5ng.

Here’s how Brennyn came up with the idea to upgrade his favorite Saab: “Here we have very cold winters and I wanted to add the factory remote start to my NG9-5, this has never been done, but I was able figure it out after a few months of trial and error.

It was a difficult process, and I knew most 9-5 owners would not have the tools to get this to work so I worked to find another solution that everyone even with very little mechanical experience could do. So, I made a kit utilizing a Fortin module that is completely plug in play no wire splicing needed to add a remote start. Its piggy backs off the BCM module and will work for all model and markets of the 9-5“.

Brennyn has perfected his innovation and brought it to market stage so that every Saab 9-5ng car owner can purchase a ready-made upgrade kit for remote car start-up at a price of $275. This will especially please the owners of 9-5 models who live in areas where there are strong winters with average low temperatures, because this added one increases comfort by being able to warm up both the engine and the cabin before the driver starts driving.

This upgrade kit will work for all 2010 or 2011 NG9-5 with all trim levels and everything is plug and play, with no wire splicing whatsoever. See below how Brennyn put this innovation into practice, and how it actually works:

Below is the experience of one of the satisfied customers of this upgrade kit, Fraser Bagnall did not hide his enthusiasm for this upgrade kit when he installed it in his 9-5ng and tried it with the first frosts in his area: “So I thought I’d put a little video of the remote start kit that Brennyn Cutler offers.

This works using the existing cars key fob and behind the scenes is a small loom that piggy backs on the bcm and a little black box that acknowledges the request of the key fob.

I ordered this as I wanted to have that feature even though I know it’s not needed, for me it was about having a new feature and today when it was zero degrees outside it was spot on. The car started and the heaters started to defrost whilst I scraped the ice off the side windows, a job I usually don’t like but this time it was done with a smile on my face.

I had one or two issues with installation, more me being over cautious and I can say that the support and help from the chap that makes these was amazing. Like he was in the workshop talking me through it. I’m sure he will put a link in the comments and explain it better than me, if anyones interested for their Ng 9-5 auto.

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