Independent Saab Specialists Map in UK

Listing of Independent Saab Specialists in UK

Great Saab enthusiast Chris Ivory has made everyday life easier for all Saab owners in the UK. We know how difficult it is to find a specialized Saab service anywhere in the world, and especially the quality one. Whether you only need regular car maintenance or have a breakdown, it’s really good to quickly get around to finding your nearest independent Saab specialist

Of course, in addition to the “independent” ones, there are genuine authorized services by Orio AB, but these types of Saab car centers are few, and there are no centers in all the countries of the world where Saab cars were previously sold. 

Thanks to Chris’s proactivity, Saab car owners in the UK can quickly get around as Chris has created a Google map and listing of Independent Saab Specialists, Services and Garages in the UK as recommended by Saab Nuts members!Facebook group. Have a look at the map before commenting, for it’s time for the 6 monthly revision of the map, and details. Any further recommendations or losses to report, please? You can comment on this mapon Google Map only or in a specialized FB group, or report the change directly to Chris who is most concerned with the map.

Saab Cars Specialized Services in Bristol
Saab Cars Specialized Services in Bristol

Each Saab logo on the map indicates one Saab service. When you click on any Saab logo on this map, you will receive all available information about a given service, from – location and opening hours, to photos and recommendations. Of course, one click away are instructions on how to get to the service as soon as possible and you can call them immediately by phone.

Also, this can be a good inspiration and an idea for other owners around the world to create their own maps of Saab specialist local services – to help all other Saab car owners (who are, unfortunately, less and less).