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In-Car video: Stunt driving with Saab Performance driver

Saab Performance Team

This is another the Saab Performance Team  rare video , this time video was made in the Saab cabin, next to one of the Saab Performance team drivers – Kjell Olofsson.  In that time. this team consisted of: Kjell Olofsson, Kent Andersen, Jean Pennholm, Kenneth Backlund and Bengt Dahl.

Stunt driver in this video is Kjell Olofsson, who in addition to being a test driver, worked in the Saab as a Chassies development engineer, and two years ago he is on the same position in Volvo company.

A Swedish TV host Agneta Riddar is sitting next to him, at the front passenger seat, while at the back seat is Lennart Forsberg a Swedish film director and screenwriter.

Video clip was made by the local TV station TV Fyrstad. As the authors themselves put it, “A memory for life!” For more than 10 years, TV Fyrstad was an part of the local television program. Now parts of the archive are available online, and this video is only a fraction of this valuable archive. Below are a few videos from the archive:

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