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New Hybrid Power Product for Saab 9-3 – The Maptun AF-1!

The Maptun AF-1 - Electric Hybrid system

MapTun Performance AB, which specializes in tuning and enhancing the performance of Saab cars, has announced a new groundbreaking product. What is important to say is that the product is yet to be announced, that is, it is not currently available on the market.

But from the announcement of the manufacturer, we can estimate that its features promise a lot of fun for all owners of Saab 9-3 II cars. Of course, for those who decide to purchase and install this cool device in their cars. But what is this really about?

The Maptun AF-1 XT-Series Hybrid Kit increases performance

A new solution from Maptun Performance brings some form of hybridization to the now quite old second-generation Saab 9-3 model. In fact, this new product is an entire small, rounded subsystem consisting of several components that need to be fitted to a car.

Maptun AF-1 XT-Series Hybrid Kit for increasing Performance

This new performance subsystem includes the following components:

It is important to note that The kit does not fit XWD vehicles. Of course, this is due to the physical lack of space for component mounting, since there is less space in XWD models due to the built-in components of the all-wheel-drive power delivery system.

Electric Hybrid System for Saab 9-3 II

Replace your rear hubs and brakes with the Maptun AF-1 XT-Series Hybrid Kit. Instantly add 75 hp (from 0 rpm) to your car with incredible performance increase especially for acceleration. Electronic braking. Increase you fuel-range and drive all-electric up to 70 km/h!


April fool’s day ;)

You will admit, this kind of system is the dream of all Saab 9-3 owners, but … But it’s a brilliantly designed joke from Maptun Performance on the occasion of April 1st – World Joke Day (April fool’s day).

AF-1 is an abbreviation of April Fool’s day 1

Even in these difficult times for the whole planet, we have to be joking and be cheerful. Because, this too will pass quickly and we will again be engaged in our regular activities – even improving the performance of our Saab cars. However, this “hybrid subsystem” will certainly not be available for these purposes.


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