How to reset Saab limp mode [video]

Eric Flowers, full time Saab technician, make this great video that simply explains the SAAB LIMP mode.

Limp mode is one of the most common issues Saab owners encounter, so He made a YouTube video explaining Saab limp mode in as much detail as possible. He tried not to make the video too technical, and to stay within layman terms.


  • Great video!! Thank you so much for doing that!! I have a 2008 9-3 2.0T and the throttle body looks a bit different that the one you are using. Is the process the same? The only code I get is P2135. It seems to go into limp mode – it has no power until I get past 35mph, then seems ok. The mpg has significantly decreased all of a sudden. I can take the positive cable off the battery for a few minutes and that seems to restore it to normal – except for the mpg. This works for a time – maybe a couple weeks, and then it throws the same code and is again in limp mode. I cleaned the mass air flow with maf cleaner only and removed the throttle body and cleaned it with throttle body cleaner as well as replaced the gasket. I’m not sure what else to do. Any advise would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • I have a 2006 Saab 9.3 Aero turbo how can I reset limp mode on it it looks different than the video

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