How to fix the Appearance of Shark Fin Saab Antenna for under $5

SAAB 9-3 9-5 Antenna Shark Fin Dummy repair fix coverSAAB 9-3 9-5 Antenna Shark Fin Dummy repair fix cover

Due to the influence of solar UV rays, most plastic parts on the car are relatively quickly crippled. With Saab cars, this usually happens with a roof antenna.

The base of the antenna is metal, but the upper part is made of plastic-rubber and This part is usually, after about ten years, almost destroyed.

Saab Shark Fin Dummy repair fix cover

You have two options (for Saab 9-3 & Saab 9-5) available: genuine replacement Saab nav fin is nearly £185,  or you can still get one much cheaper Saab Shark Fin Dummy repair fix cover Under $5!

You have another version of this Antenna Cover – It’s a little more expensive – Pilot Automotive Shark Fin Antenna for $10.

Briefly, Just remove the stick pad from the bottom and glue over the top after you’ve removed the old flaking rubber coat. Detailed instructions can be found in the video below:


  • by the way it’s$ 10.40 0n amazon not 5.00 and does not look like the OEM it’s kind of carbon fibre looking (prob not real )

  • Bought one of these and was OK with the “carbon fiber” look. After trimming out the sticky bottom I slipped over antenna and it didn’t seat all the way down but felt it was OK. I just wanted to keep rain and wind noise out. It does create a lot of wind noise with cover gone. Since it did not seat properly my first drive the wind noise was eliminated but about 2 miles down the road I heard a thump on my deck lid. Looking in my review mirror I could see my new shark fin cover bouncing down the highway. $10 down the drain! I would like to find something that completely covers and fits tight to roof. Next time I will add some silicone to inside to adhere to metal of antenna.

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