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How to Disfigure a Classic Saab 900 in 13 minutes

How to Disfigure a Classic Saab 900 in 13 minutes

Not feasible? See the project made by TheSketchMonkey.

The Classic Saab 900 is considered by many to be most beautiful youngtimer, Additionally – in the opinion of some this car is even most beautiful in the entire history of motoring.  Can this classic design be distorted? The answer is – yes, in an attempt to “modernize”…

Marouane, who is the founder of TheSketchMonkey, is Ex-designer turned YouTuber, but in this project of “modernization” he made a mistake – because he did not get into the depth of Saab design and culture. This is how he explains his attempt to modernize: “In this video, I’m going to modernize it, clean up the design and create my own version of what … ” 

The Saab 900 is a car of consistent dynamic proportions, aerodynamic, attractive… The 900 is what becomes of a car when form follows function instead of fashion.

Can it, however, look a bit modern and does not repel its appearance. TheSketchMonkey has tried, and the effect can be seen below:

Here’s how Saab’s connoisseurs and enthusiasts reacted to this redesign – Stephen: “If the entire goal is to create a C900 that looks more like the latest 9-5 designs… Wouldn’t it make so much more sense to work backwards instead of forwards? Take a newer 9-3 SS or 9-5NG with trashed body panels and strip it down then put a body kit on it that resembles the older models. Then you start off with the advantage of the stiffer frame and wider stance without it looking so obviously aftermarket. Those wheels clearly do not belong on the frame, they stick out like sore thumbs! Widening the entire body with panels like this doesn’t in any way look like a factory design. Look at the 900 Enduro for the Australian market as an example. Every time I see that car I don’t think “Man those Saab designers really nailed it”, and instead I think, “What the hell did some 20 year old with too much money do to their car?!” I really don’t mean to offend but I find it hard to believe many people over the age of 25 find the photoshopped version to be more attractive than the original.

And Andrew adds the following: “Spot on analysis. – If you are going to try to modernize a design, at least do so by understanding the original designers intent. And those wheels are absolutely atrocious and very un-Saab like. You could easily find a retro-esque wheel that feels appropriate for a modern market.


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