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How to Destroy Saab in Under 5 Minutes

Saab Aero

To clarify right at the beginning, the Saab was “not destroyed”, but the authors used a bombastic title to attract attention. As for Saab cars, not everything can be serious, it can of course be fun. The two guys who make a duo called “TLJ Garage” are engaged in cars, car repairs, tuning and rebuilding, and in doing so they record videos – of course, as in everything, some like these video works, some don’t.

‎According to one from this duo – Jay Williams, they recently purchased a 2006 Saab 9-3 Aero for only 700$. And from the very beginning, an incident occurred to them, the result of utter negligence. And as they say themselves –  What ever you do, don’t drive your Saab without the Hood latched down properly.

Unfortunately Jay made that mistake the first time driving it and ended up with dents in the hood and a crack windshield. We hope they will not make such mistakes in the future, and will further enhance and speed up this Aero. In addition to this Saab Aero, another Saab was mentioned on their video channel – the Classic Saab 900, and they made an interesting DIY video about it:

We hope they get serious and make some more good Saab videos. Interesting duo:

Geplaatst door TLJ Garage op Donderdag 28 maart 2019

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