How to Cool Your Car Quickly and Efficiently!

Saab 9-5 Summertime

Due to increasingly hot summers, the use of air conditioners in households and in cars is increasing from year to year. It is the same with our Saab cars, it is certain that air conditioners are used more and more, so the need for proper use is very important and that the air conditioning system is, above all, fully functional.

Well, if your car has a fully functioning and functional air conditioner, you need to follow the user’s manual as well as a few tips that we will present to you in the following text related to improving the efficiency of the air conditioner and cooling the interior of the vehicle faster during hot summer days.

One thing that is important to pay attention to, and many do not take it seriously, is the regular cleaning of the air conditioner and its checking by professional services on an annual basis.

saab car air conditioner

Recommended for cooling down when you drive shorter distances more often

If you often travel short distances (say around town), consider whether it is worth it to you to turn on the air conditioner – while it cools the car, you are already at your destination. A better and more economical option is to make sure:

  • the vehicle is parked in the shade,
  • put sun protection on the windshield and
  • open the windows while driving.

If you still decide to turn on the air conditioner in your Saab

If you do decide to turn on the air conditioner, it is extremely important to make sure that the cooling temperature is not too low compared to the temperature outside, because you can get a sore throat and sinuses and catch a cold. It is recommended that the difference be no more than 5 to 6 degrees. In addition, it is not good to expose the body to extreme temperature differences, and especially people with a weak heart should not do it.

Proper procedure for cooling the interior of the car

  • After starting the car, open all the windows and turn on the air conditioner.
  • Choose the option of drawing in outside air (not recirculation).
  • Set the temperature to minimum.
  • Set the fan rotation to the highest speed.
  • After cooling down, close the windows and reduce the fan speed.
  • Let the cold air blow on the windshield and legs, not on the face.

A few minutes before the end of the trip, turn off the air conditioning and leave the ventilation on (!) – this way the moist places in the air conditioner will dry out, and thus the risk of bacteria, fungi and mold breeding is lower, because they prefer a moist, not a dry environment.

Do not point the fan vents directly at your face

Experts recommend that the difference in temperature in a cooled car compared to the outside temperature should not be more than 8 degrees, humidity should be from 40 to 60 percent, and air flow speed should not exceed 0.2 m/s.

Do not point the clima vents directly at the face, as this increases the possibility of headache, sore throat, eye, nose and ear mucous membrane problems.

Useful and bad effects of air conditioning in a car

Year after year, the use of air conditioners increases, and thus the negative effects on the health of the upper and lower part of the respiratory system increase. On the other hand, the beneficial effect of the air conditioner is filtering the air coming from outside, which is a benefit for drivers who are allergic to pollen, dust and mites. In this way, the concentration of allergens in the air is lower. Bacteria, viruses and fungi are also filtered.

However, car air conditioners, just like those installed in Saab cars, cool and dry the air, but do not humidify it. This type of air conditioner dries out the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, thus losing its role as a purifier of inhaled air. Such a mucous membrane bursts, creating micro ragades (painful bloody cracks on hard and dry or inflamed skin) into which microorganisms that lead to infection are grafted. Don’t forget to regularly drink small sips of water during a long stay in a car where the air conditioner cools.

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