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“How Saab saved my life” Story from Rhode Island

Saab 9-3 crash

One of the regular readers of our blog sent us a real SAAB photo story that happened last week on the Rhode Island roads.

The Saab 9-3 Aero called #MagicSpoolBus hydroplaned on the interstate in Rhode Island, complete rear end ripped off. According to drivers and witnesses,  Saab Crossed 3 lanes spinning out of control and eventually the guard rail sliced open the rear like a tin can.

Crashed Saab front-end

All airbags went off! Driver walked away without a scratch. ESP has no chance saving this old girl, she was spinning right round baby! See included photos!

Saab ripped-off

Noah Kaye was the driver, completely scratch free. 65 mph crash felt like nothing. Active head restraints did their job.

Saab for service

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