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How not to wash your Saab Convertible

Saab 900 convertible washSaab 900 convertible wash

Radio host duo Hamish & Andy are very popular Australian comedy duo formed in 2003 by Hamish Blake and Andy Lee., known for their radio show “Hamish and Andy for The Drive Home” which airs in Australia nationally on the Hit Network.

Also, this duo comedians have video production, and their latest hilarious video they abused one Saab Convertible.

Car wash in a Saab convertible
Car wash in a Saab convertible

According to them, they sold Bitcoin, and used the money to buy a Saab 900 convertible to drive through a car wash

Surprised that they made it out without chemical burns from heavy duty cleaners, or physical burns from the blow dryers, or injuries from the high pressure water hoses… If you always wondered what would happen if you tried this…