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Saab 9000 Handbrake Parallel Parking

Parallel parking is often hard and tedious – so if you really really want to show off (and not langa the other cars around your parking spot), we proudly bring you the 180 Degree Handbrake Parallel Parking maneuver.

In practice, this maneuver is not so difficult, but requires a lot of training. In the next video you can see how this maneuver is performed with the rather heavy and long Saab 9000 model:

Here’s how you can pull it off (remember to get plenty of practice in a deserted carpark or other empty area):

1) Approach the intended parking spot from the opposite direction (that you intend your parked car to face)
2) Once you are a car’s length away, turn the wheel swiftly all the way to the right
3) Simultaneously, release the accelerator, step on the clutch (manual only) and yank the handbrake up
4) If done right, the car should slide diagonally into the car park slot
5) Once the car rear end slides in, quickly turn the wheel in the other direction to counter-steer
6) At the same time, pull down the handbrake, release the clutch and step on the foot brake to stop the car’s movement

Excellent, you are now a bonafide “bengster” who can parallel park in style and at the drop of a hat.

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