How much do you know about speedy Swedish cars?

British “The Telegraph” published in the Quiz section interesting Motoring QuizHow much do you know about speedy Swedish cars?“.

Take their latest quiz to put your knowledge of fast Volvos and Saabs to the test :)

In this Quiz we’re  looking back at those old Scandinavian favourites for weekly motoring quiz, and asking visitor to test  knowledge of speedy Swedes, old and new.

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  • Missed two :(

    The horsepower rating for a 2002 9-5 Aero in USA specification is within 3hp to one of the choices and not as low as BHP rating in UK.

    I knew Volvo had an 850R and later 850 T-5R but chose the wrong one for the year specific color. Kind of a trick question and I wonder if that was the same in all markets.

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