How Many Saabs Are There Still In Italy?

Saab Italy

On more than one occasion, on this blog we have tried to get information and presented it – how many more Saab cars are registered and how many there are in countries around the world. Logically, the most of them are still where the most examples of Saab vehicles are placed on the market. First of all, it is the USA, the UK and Germany, then the countries of Northern Europe and of course the Scandinavian countries.

A few years ago, we came across data that over 400,000 Saab cars were registered on American roads, but currently it could be at least another hundred thousand Saab cars. Thanks to the specialized website “howmanyleft” we can know the exact data of registered Saab vehicles in the UK. According to this source, the largest number of registered Saab vehicles was in 2009, when there were 230,000 of them. And currently, at least according to this source, there are over 66,000 on the roads across the United Kingdom.

Similar to this data, a few years ago we also got data on registered Saab cars in Germany, as well as a large market where a large number of Saab cars ended up. At that time, there were close to 60,000 of them registered in Germany, while today there are probably a few tens of thousands left.

Saabs in Italy

Thanks to the Italian blog dedicated to Saab cars,, these days we learn more precise data about the number of registered Saab cars in Italy. Unfortunately, as in most countries that do not have an open data policy, precise data is harder to come by, but an Italian Saab blogger has found official data relating to Saab vehicles still registered at the end of 2019.

38,835 Saabs were registered in Italy (2019-2020)

According to this data found on this list and obtained by the Saab blogger, 38,835 Saabs were registered in Italy as of December 31, 2019. Of these, a total of 22,858 vehicles run on gasoline, 3,412 on LPG, 391 on methane, and 36 on ethanol. Compared to Saab cars with gasoline engines, there are even 15,978 Saab cars with diesel fuel.

Number Saab cars by Italian region

Next, the Italian Saab blogger gives an overview of the number of Saab cars by Italian region. As expected, the growing number of registered Saab cars is still in the Lombardy region, as the richest region that is the financial and industrial center of Italy. The region in Italy with the largest number of Saabs still registered is Lombardy, with 6,583 cars. Of these 4,213 are with petrol engines and 2,370 with diesel engines. Of those with petrol 357 are LPG, 24 with methane and 11 with ethanol.

After Lombardy, with only a few thousand less registered Saab cars are the Veneto, Lazio and Emilia Romagna regions. The southern part of Italy is much poorer than the server part where most of the Italian industry is located, but there is also the Puglia region where there were 2,824 Saab vehicles. You can read detailed data by region in this blog post dedicated to the number of Saab cars in Italy.

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