How it works Saab SAHR reactive head restraints?

Auto engineering and technology go further , and with them the security technology and solutions.

One of these are active head restraints for the first time presented at SAAB models , and now perfected by Opel experts ( options are NooJ Opel Astra) so much so that they “earned ” the highest so far 3.7 points out of a possible 4.0 Euro NCAP rating in the domain of the door .


The collision , when hitting the back of the vehicle on impact force intercije body and torso movement of passengers tend to back .

Thanks to the now perfected seats torso is well covered in molded tray , but it is still a major problem and head vratkoji still have uncontrolled movement of a few tens of centimeters in the back of the headrest . This is most likely to occur and neck injuries and cervical spine , even in the mildest of shocks in the back .

That is why Saab introduced and Opel still perfecting the system reactive head restraints whose mission is to reduce the impact of background in the space between the head moving backwards and head restraints.

Basically , a simple solution behind which lies a very complex system , and here’s how it works in practice .

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