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How it was made video – Saab 9000 Fivebow (Cabrio) Concept

This picture below is One of over a dozen design drawings for the Saab 9000 “Fivebow” convertible concept. The concept car is preserved at the Uusikaupunki Automuseo at the Valmet factory and not much information has been published about it so far.

Very interesting design of this 9000 Cabriolet especially the headlamps, front, rear end, and the V8 engine that Valmet also made secretly to this car for the markets secretly from swedes among this concept Saab. Sadly, At that time, GM had just entered to the Saab world and they already had the V6 so neither this interesting concept or the raw awesome 280 HP V8 engine never saw the daylight in mass production.

Saab 9000 Fivebow Concept
Saab 9000 Fivebow Concept

Here’s a special treat for all Saab lovers Valmet Automotive proudly presents a video of the 1989 Fivebow concept, a Saab 9000 two-door convertible that unfortunately never entered production.

Over 7 minutes of detailed video presentation of how a concept is made. Enjoy:

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