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Hit and run: Audi crashed into the Saab 9-5 on Highway

Audi A6 Crashed into Saab 9-5Audi A6 Crashed into Saab 9-5

Stach – member of forum, yesterday witnessed a traffic accident on the highway M10 from Russian border to city of Gomel. According to him, he was driving Saab 9-5 with his pregnant wife when a Audi A6 crashed into rear-end the.

At a speed of almost 100 km / h such a strike could lead to loss of control, but Stach managed to keep the car in the lane.The Audi driver ran from the scene!


Fortunately, travelers from Saab are unharmed, a pregnant woman was just scared. Аnd unfortunately, even though there were witnesses, no one saw the registration number of Audi. Certainly, good design of Saab saved a few lives.

Saab 9-5 Audi hit and run

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