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Here’s How Fans Used To Imagine the Saab Coupe

A little eye candy from 'TM'

After many successful coupe-shaped cars, after the 900 model, Saab remained only on concepts when it comes to coupe form. Let’s remember on this occasion only two concepts that were almost before the adoption, and those are coupes based on the model 9000 and Sport coupe based on the model 900NG.

However, if Saab (read GM) in one model of its history refused to include a coupe car in its sales portfolio, that is why fans around the world had great ideas and visions of the Saab sports coupe. Among others, on this blog we have noted the successful ideas of many designers, such as the Saab 99 Combi Coupe Concept designer from Taipei, or this SAAB hatchback Coupe by Michael DiTullo. Let us remind ourselves that GM’s management had the idea to use another coupe, a completely different brand, which also wanted to offer to the American market with a rebranding – it was the Opel Calibra.

Coupes are cheaper to produce than sedans but typically sell for more. They are also cheap to develop because 90% of the sedan is re-used. Thus they make a lot of money if they reach a modicum of success.

We bring you another interesting concept of the Saab coupe, which was created by a designer under the pseudonym “TM” some time ago. As he stated at the time, He used to be a BMW fan a few years ago until he discovered SAAB as being a truly remarkable brand about two years ago and he has  been in love ever since… Anyway to cut a long story short this is what came out, where would it fit?….Your guess is as good as his, it could be a Saab 9-5 Coupe, or a 9-3 Coupe.

Saab Coupe Concept
Saab Coupe Concept

We love the rear bumper, great way to integrate the style of the Aero-X style bumper with a diffuser and tie it all together. Hockey stick looks cool in coupé-mode too, escpecially since the line ends after the hockeystick. Because the doorsill was hidden by the door itself, the vertical lines on the doors flowed down and disappeared underneath the car – no horisontal line below the doors like all other cars have.

This is pure scandinavian, according to many – minimalize the clutter – keep it clean and simple, yet elegant. If you look at the C900, we are sure you can find more examples of these minimalist design ideas. Anyway, great work and ideas, but unfortunately we are approaching the first decade since there is no new Saab car.

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