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Her Saab was stolen, help!

Saab 900 Stolen

A few hours ago, Elsa Law announced on the local Saab form that her favorite Saab in the city of Seattle had been stolen, so we hereby call on the Saab community in and around Seattle to help in the search for the Saab.

In fact, her favorite car was stolen two weeks ago and tragically, the police notified (the police left a message at 2am) her that it was found on 8th and Yesler but by the time She got there the thief had already moved it! She was so close to getting it back.

Could you all keep an eye out in the vicinity for a Black 1991 Saab 900, license plate 314-YUL with roof racks? Or if you’re not in the vicinity, does anyone have any advice on how to get the word out about the car? Thanks so much on her behalf!

Too bad the police didn’t react better, they give you an option when you file the report to have them call you when they find it or just impound it. Elsa opted for the former, assuming the call would come at a normal hour and She could rush over to it. Naturally, after this little episode, She’ve opted for an immediate impound.


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