SAAB Tuning

Headlight Tint Film for Saab

Saab smoked tint headlights

Saab headlight tint let’s you quickly and easily upgrade your Saab’s appearance. Precut for convenience and available in over a dozen different finishes like Smoke, Blackout & Chameleon, you can get a true custom look for less than the cost of dinner.

This is a product of Rtint and costs $29. Headlight tints can furnish you with the appearance of expensive, aftermarket lights for only pennies on the dollar.

Precut to minimize the time spent installing and available in killer colors like HID-inspired blue, murdered out matte and JDM-style yellow just to name a few.

Spraying or painting your headlights can be both time-consuming and expensive, especially when you consider that you’ll be buying brand new headlights if you make a mistake during painting. These 2003 Saab 9-3. headlight tints are securely packaged in moisture-proof, air-tight poly bags and shipped to you within one business day of your order.

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