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“Group 9 Performance” – Former Saab Performance Specialist

Saab 900 by Group 9 Performance

Following the Swedish performance enhancement specialists of Saab cars “Swedish Dynamics“, today we present to you a small American company “Group 9 Performance” (also known as Group9 or SPG9), which until some 15 years ago also deals with performance of Saab cars. Unfortunately, some 15 years ago this specialized Saab workshop closed.

Saab Performance Specialist

By then, Specializing in Saab Performance Parts, Group 9 Performance was providing a wide range of performance products for all vehicles. Group 9 Performance was one of a smaller number Saab Performance Shops in USA for quality Saab performance parts, As they were “Conn-Tech SAAB Automotive“, “State of Nine“, “Swedish Dynamics” or “eEuroparts” (a specialist that is still active today).

Every Group 9 product was manufactured to the tightest possible tolerances, and undergoes a lengthy Research & Development cycle to ensure that only very best parts are offered. Their  products was made with Performance and Reliablility at the highest considerations. They also carry Race-Ready Brake Kits, Electrical Systems, and Intake Systems for other marques, but their focus has always been Saab cars.

Collaboration With Tuners From Maptun Of Sweden

They were the exclusive US dealer for Maptun of Sweden (today Maptun Performance). At that time, Maptun’s staff consisted of three people with over 10 years experience in fields such as electronic components, electronic equipment, programming, reprograming of ECU’s, ESDS as well as engine – and transmission mechanics.

Now everyone who is concerned with improving Saab performance knows it, all Maptun software was developed in house. As a result, the Group 9 Performance and Maptun were able to maintain complete control over the overall production, development and continuous improvement of their software and hardware. Thanks to their collaboration with the Swedes, they have offered performance enhancements to Saab cars on Stage 1 to Stage 6.

At that time, Maptun Stage 6 exchanged electronic control unit Trionic 5 of Saab 9-3 (2.0t) MY98-00, and with additional modifications to the various Saab performance parts, they were able to boost the engine from the original 154hp to a whopping 380hp and toqure to 369 Ft/Lbs .

A specialty of this Shop was car performance intercoolers.

Group 9 Performance intercoolers for Saab cars
Group 9 Performance intercoolers for Saab cars

Saab Performance Intercooler Units

The Group 9 Performance, Saab intercooler units were characterized by smooth flowing cast tanks and a highly efficient bar and plate core. The core was 100% vacuum brazed, and featured louvered external fins, and a very fine internal fin pack. To attain the maximum efficiency possible, the internal fins were offset and staggered to get every possible air molecule to “scrub” up against an internal fin so that the heat may be transferred to the external fins and carried away from the intercooler.

Intercooler Efficiency

It is this unique design that allows this Group 9 Performance intercooler to attain an 82% efficiency rating. A 300 HP there is only a .75 psi drop! As well as being extremely efficient, these cores had  a very high flow rate of 1080 CFM, allowing it to handle as much boost as the engine is configured withstand.

Further, the core was rated for 710 crank HP! And interesting, all from an intercooler was designed to fit into the stock location. The construction of the intercooler was second to none. The vacuum brazed bar and plate core was very rugged and they could withstand rock and other debris that can easily dent other types of cores. To complement a fine core, custom cast Aluminum 356 End Tanks were used. These end tanks was deburred, shot peened and then Tig welded to the core. Each core was visually inspected and pressure checked to 35psi before shipment to ensure fault free operation.

GM’s Devastating Activities Towards the Saab Brand

Unfortunately, you can now find similar performance Saab parts on the market, but not of this quality, as the market is dominated by car spare parts from China of dubious quality.

Unfortunately, thanks largely to GM’s devastating activities towards the Saab brand (and notjust Saab), they also drove away enthusiastic brand supporters who were keen to product niche tuning, upgrading and performance products that the ‘big boys’ didn’t want to have anything to do with. Some time ago we heard that Dave Kennedy who used to run Group 9 was still active. A few years ago he was still making it and sells a lot of the c900 performance stuff. He also does turbo upgrades as a specialty.


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