SAAB Advertising

Griffin Up!

This is David Blumberg‘s  Song, “Griffin’ Up!“, once dedicated to supporting the Saab Automobile.

David Blumberg – putting together a video to show the car world what it will lose if Saab goes, complete with self-penned song as a soundtrack. He has gone so far as to create an original song, Griffin Up! and he’s created a video montage using both current and historical footage of the brand to show why he feels the brand is worth saving. Even if you’re not a fan of the brand (or the soundtrack), the video footage provides a good reminder of what Saab has added to the global automotive discourse, and it’s worth taking for a spin if only to see footage of the sublime Aero X concept or the official Saab stunt driving team or a rally-prepped 9-3 Viggen tearing up Pikes Peak.