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Great Saabtoberfest 2018 Event!

Saabtoberfest 2018 California

As we announced, the Saabtoberfest 2018 was held last weekend at SAAB Replay (Saab Replay is the East Bay’s independent Saab & Mini Cooper workshop) in Berkeley, California. Randy from SAAB Replay  provided the opportunity for the whole street to be closed for traffic and reserved for Saab cars only! And there were many beautiful Saab cars, all models and years of production.

The participants of the meeting were very pleased and they thank the organizer – according to their words: It was good to see so may people again and a few for the first time.


It was a much larger turn out than they expected and the enthusiasm from everyone was phenomenal. Alos, they hope that this can become a more regular thing. They – SoCal club members – truly enjoyed meeting y’all and would love to participate in future such events.

Take a lap around Saabtoberfest 2018 and check out some of the fine Saabs on show last weekend in California:

Had fun was great to see all the Saabs. Special Thanks goes to Craig Beau from L.A., who made this great video report from California Saabtoberfest. Also, watch his video channel Saab Owners Of America Youtube channel.

This event would not be possible without another Saab guy, and that is Bryce Johnson. Here’s what he said about this great Saab event: “Yesterday was an absolute blast—can’t thank you all enough for taking the time to come! This was the best meet we’ve had in a long time. The food (and alcohol) was great, along with the music and BMX bike demos. The people were awesome, and it was great seeing some new (and familiar) faces! We had a great variety of cars and Craig counted over 50 beautiful SAABs.


Most of all, I’d like to thank Randy Roche for helping to put this together. Randy, we thank you for letting us use your shop, blocking off the street, providing food/beverages, the fun SAAB swag, and being an overall great host!

I’d say Saabtoberfest 2018 was a big success!!!

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