Great Lakes Saab Club

Michigan Saab club

We are introducing you a great little Saab society from North America, that is The Great Lakes Saab Club.

This Saab club was born in 1984 for Michigan Saab enthusiasts who wanted to gather in the company of other “Saab Nuts” and share stories, help each other in technical issues and in general enjoy each other’s company. Thier mission is to foster the enjoyment and appreciation of Saab automobiles

Their FB page was created to help Michigan Saab owners connect with each other, find other local Saab enthusiasts and create an outlet to sell Saab parts to other local enthusiasts. This small, but selected group of Saab enthusiasts often organizes gatherings of their members, the last being planned for tomorrow at local dealer Trio Motors.

Great Lakes Saab Club

Interested, Ron and Kae from Trio Motors are selling 59 years of Saab parts, parts cars and who knows what else they may find as they close the dealership. Unfortunately, Trio is closing on October 1 after 59 years as a Saab dealer, and is Michigans oldest Saab dealer (and likely one of the oldest in the US!).

Therefore, As they close the store, this will be an opportunity for all Saab enthusiasts to make good purchases of parts and vehicles. This is a “once in a lifetime” opportunity, as they intend to sell cars, parts and who knows what else. Notwithstanding the closure of their local Saab shop, we want this Saab club to last for a long time, and that members of the club drive their Saab cars for a long time and enjoy them.


  • Good morning,

    I am definitely a SAAB enthusiast! I live in SC, and don’t have many enthusiast in my area. Does anyone know of o SAAB club or group close to me that I could get in touch with?

    Dave Eisenreich

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