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The Saab Owners Club of Great Britain National Weekend 2016 at Pembrey Park

Pembrey Park revving up for Saab rally next summer. The Saab Owners Club of Great Britain will hold its Owner’s Club of Great Britain 2016 rally at the park next summer.

Pembrey Country Park was chosen to host out of 30 other locations by the Swedish car group and it’s a first for Wales to hold such an event. Organisers who visited the site said the park ticked all the right boxes and declared its beauty staggering.

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Saab Owners Club GB
Saab Owners Club GB

The event is expected to attract thousands of visitors over three days starting on July 29.

Saab Owners Club National Event Director, Chris Redmond said: “The Saab Owners Club of Great Britain have chosen Wales to host the 2016 event. “We looked at nearly 30 locations in South West Wales and short listed five sites. Our main objective this year was to find a site that’s not only a great location for a car show but also one that could offer something for all the family as well as showing to rest of the nation how beautiful this part of Wales is.

“Our committee visit to Pembrey blew us away and it ticked all the boxes. “In fact it smashed every other prospective site out of the park. “We are now all very excited and can’t wait for event in July and feel that it’s going to be one of the best nationals ever!”


  • Hiya….July 2016?…..Me & Silvy……my 1986 900 would love to come to this event.

    Obviously I’m new.

    I’ve had her for nearly 3 years now and made my Wife buy her own car to ease the wear /tear and keep the mileage (73k) down etc…..(my Wife now has 1986 Saab 93!)
    She’s not in perfect nick (Silvy that is) but she still great looking and runs like a dream. I use her almost daily.
    Could I have some information please?

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