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Grandpa’s Saab 900

Grandfather, grandson and Saab 900

The Dutch car magazine Autovisie (there is also a printed edition) brings readers numerous news from the car industry, as well as reviews, reviews and tests of the latest cars on the global market. Also, fans of old-timers and young-timers have a special section on this site, and there is also a section “Your garage” that brings interesting things offered by readers, where their favorite cars are presented.

In one of the latest articles on the site, one reader was introduced to the Saab 900 from his garage. His whole family drives Saab, but Jelle van Dijk was not very happy with it. Getting his driver’s license and a Saab crazy grandpa changed everything. Now he drives a Saab 900 himself.

“I started taking driving lessons four years ago. I would take over my mother’s car, a four-door Saab 99 from 1979. But I am a musician, often on the road with instruments and a sedan doesn’t work. And then my grandfather called: “You have to come by, we have something for you here!” I cycled over to him and after a cup of coffee he took me outside. There was a white Saab 900 on the trailer. ”

“I immediately thought, a white Saab 900! No, said Grandpa, your new car is behind it. And that was this car. On several wheels, much of the interior was missing, the wiring harness to the rear was gone and a lot of parts were in the trunk. But he looked like he could handle a lot and was nice and high on his wheels, I thought he was cool anyway. Until grandpa told me it was because there was no engine in the Saab 900…

It was just the beginning of the story about the Saab 900, you can see a part of the story in the video above, and The complete story of Jelle van Dijk read in Autovisie Magazine number 24, which is now in stores.

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